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Member Id:98646
Location:North Canton, Ohio, United States
Last online:Fri 19Nov2021
Profile updated:Thu 9Sep2021
I really want to please u
Hey, very sexual and attentive, normal guy here with an addiction to pleasuring another man, or men, until they can take no more. I am extremely oral and i get off on having a man moan and squirm while im latched onto him with no intention of stopping until he bursts in my mouth. I love somewhat hairy men, with average build and average size package. Plz be cut, hairy, and not overly large endowed. And be ready for alot of heavy petting and all night sloppy ****job. And i also love to play with and taste ur **** as they swing in my face. Im 41, 6ft, somewhat hairy, 170lbs and 8inches cut. Plz, no mean or bully types, i want fun, and easygoing guys to have ice cream with, (makes me horny as hell, worshiping your dick is so much more intense with ice....cream), then feed themselves to me. Ill send pics as soon as u ask me..... Plz u like ice cream? U know....people call me Iceyme. Yeah, ask me for pics....u wont regret
44 years old, bisexual, male, Caucasian, 6' 0" (183 cm), 180 lbs (82 kg), average build, dark brown hair, blue eyes, some body hair, clean-shaven, regular smoker, occasional drinker. Looking for men for friendship, dating or casual encounters.
My Interests
I enjoy camping, climbing, fishing, going to the beach, hiking, swimming and walking and my favourite social activities include entertaining at home, going to watch a movie or partying. I like to play pool, or just have fun playing card games or board games and I'm also an avid motor sport fan. At home I'm happiest when brewing beer, cooking, DIY/renovating, drawing, listening to music, meditating, viewing pornography, reading, surfing the net, watching TV or writing. I'm also interested in astronomy, cars, computers, electronics, meditation, music, photography, science and travel.
Some Of My Preferences
My tastes in music include alternative, heavy rock, hip hop, metal, pop and R&B. I enjoy various types of food I usually prefer to drink anything alcoholic. I like action, comedy, pornography and sci-fi/fantasy movies and, on TV, I like watching cartoons, comedy, documentaries, movies, pornography or sci-fi/fantasy.
My Stats
Body hair:Some body hair
Demeanour:Unsuggestive of sexuality
Domestic situation:I can sometimes invite people home
Drinking:Occasional drinker
Drugs:Occasional user
Education:Completed high school
Ethnicity:Canadian (or American) Caucasian
Eye colour:Blue
Facial hair:Clean-shaven
Gender identity:Male
Hair colour:Dark brown
Height:6' 0" (183 cm)
In or out?:Nobody knows my sexuality
Languages spoken:I only speak English
Mobility:I usually have the use of a car
Occupation:Pleasing you
Preferred residence:In a small town
Preferred role:Versatile
Smoking:Regular smoker
Tattoos:Just a few places
Weight:180 lbs (82 kg)