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Member Id:98640
Location:Longview, Texas, United States
Last online:Sat 8Jan2022
Profile updated:Tue 10Nov2020
Newbie needs kinky top buddy
Closet pantyboy newbie looking for deviant to fulfill my a freaky fantasy I love to be choked without and manhandled like a lil slut.
41 years old, single, regular smoker.
My Interests
I enjoy camping, engaging in extreme sports, fishing, gambling, hiking, hunting and ice skating and my favourite social activites include partying, as well as visiting a theme park. At home I'm happiest when DIY/renovating, viewing pornography, surfing the net or watching videos or DVDs. I get involved in nudism, orgies and role play.
Some Of My Preferences
My tastes in music include alternative, heavy rock, metal and punk. I usually prefer to drink non-alcholic drinks. I like pornography movies.
My Stats
Drugs:Social user
Relationship status:Single
Smoking:Regular smoker