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The following story comes from a time in my youth when I was figuring myself out, as were we all, only I seemed to do it a little more wildly than most. I'm a basically straight guy who grew up VERY bi, and I really, really enjoyed the tastes of special 'guy time'. Some gay guys nowadays have a real problem with anyone identifying themselves as bi, but it is what it is!

This tale is of a graphic sexual nature, and if you are underage, you should not read it. If it is illegal to read such things where you live, you should leave this page immediately, then get out and vote!

NOTE: Just because I am telling a tale of my crazy youth, it does not mean I wish to relive those years. If you are under 18 or like to pretend that you are, DO NOT attempt to contact me. Anyone else is welcome to send critiques and comments, so long as they are fun and friendly! Write me at

I do like to hear from cool, kooky people who are way into music and have a fun outlook on life. If that sounds like you and you want to comment on my stories or just say hi, feel free to.


Caleb's grandpa had worked for my grandfather for many, many years, and as a retirement present, my grandfather gave him a little farm on the edge of open, government land probably 25 miles north of us, above Honeybrook. We lived in horse country, west southwest of Philadelphia, and we had the most notoriously funny, cool, sexbomb playground of a hay loft in all of Chester County. All of our acreage under the plow was worked by a real farmer, we just tended to the horses.

I hadn't seen Cale since we were little, as his family lived in Virginia, but he was up for the whole summer helping his grandpa run the place. I was to go off to summer camp in a few weeks, but for now, we were able to get some riding in.

Cale rode western, and I rode English of course, so I was really looking forward to visiting their place and saddling up. We agreed to switch off, and when he visited our farm, he would ride English.

Caleb was different. He was very dark, as black guys go. He was handsome, had big, thoughtful eyes, a sort of flat top hair cut and a longish face that came down to a somewhat pointy chin. We were the same height, but he was 15 almost 16, and I was 13, almost 14. I was built like a sturdy willow, and he was built like a slender man. I was boisterous and crazy, certainly not quiet. Cale said very little, though he wasn't snotty and he wasn't slow, just quiet and thoughtful, with the suggestion of a smile on his face most of the time.

We took to each other quickly and easily, and we rode through the open acreage of the government land, talking just a little, and enjoying the late spring day. As we got back to within site of their barn, which was sort of a three car garage with stables on the back side, my mount stopped to piss. Caleb said he had to piss, too, and dismounted and turned towards a clump of trees. I said I did, too, and we stood, side by side, and pulled our dicks out. We both pretended to not really show each other while showing each other, which is what most guys do, and we started our pissing.

Caleb had no idea that I liked to suck dicks, as well as make out with and have various sex adventures with girl friends and girl neighbors and girl cousins, but I genuinely enjoyed sucking my friends' dicks, and they enjoyed sucking me. Its just something that we did, we just happened to do it A LOT. We did it like we played a pick up game of hockey or b-ball. Anyway, Cale didn't know this, at all, but here I was, handsome straight boy, standing with my groin straining forward and not being very shy about staring at his dick. He was staring at mine, so I guess it was OK, but it was all very exciting.

His dick was VERY dark, and the head seemed like a long black helmet. I shook mine a few times, and stretched out the last drop, and shook it again, but I didn't put it away, and it started to grow. Cale just stared at it, face impassive, and then reached out and put his hand up along the underside so it cradled in his fingers, and ran his thumb down across the back of the top of the head. Then he did it again, and again, so that he was caressing it gently.

This all happened fast, and I totally wasn't expecting it, and I think I probably laughed a nervous laugh or something, though you'd hardly think I was shy with all the time I'd spent naked in my hayloft. Cale smiled and took his hand away and said did I want to go over to the stable for a while? Sure, sure I did, lets go.

I was excited. I had never been with a black boy before, and I wanted to see his dick close up, maybe even taste it. I wanted to see if it was somehow different from mine. We went into their tack room, which had horse blankets spread out on various surfaces so that it was possible to get really comfortable, plus there were some broad flat pillows, probably from a defunct sofa, placed in the right spots.

Lets pull 'em, Cale said, which I thought was funny, but I tore off my clothes as fast as he did and we were both sitting up with blankets and pillows behind us, facing each other, stroking our dicks for all we were worth in a few seconds. We were as happy as goofy puppies at that point, jerking our rods up and down and towards each other, slow, deliberate, stretchy sort of strokes.

Caleb's dick was really something. I had never seen anything like it. It was longer that mine, and very straight, as opposed to mine, which curved up in an arc. It was as wide the whole lengths as mine was at its widest. Three quarters of the way from the base it very clearly bent forward a few degrees, almost like it had been broken just a little, and there was a flap of rippled skin on the underside of the head. I couldn't really see the hole in it, as opposed to mine which had almost dick cheeks in the front that had a real slit leading to the hole. He said the skin was from the doctor opening up his piss hole a little when he was first born. The head was sort of like half a capsule, or a longish helmet, and there was a crown, but it didn't stick out like mine.

I really like your dick, I told him. Its really cool. It sure as hell is black! We both laughed. He told me he liked mine, too.

I wanted to reach out and hold it, especially since he had so boldly crossed that bridge outside, I figured all I had to do at this point was just reach out and do it. He beat me to it by scootching his butt closer, so that our legs were all entwined, and took hold of my dick with both hands. He started to pull and stretch and jerk it, slowly and firmly. It felt great and I said so. We both smiled. I leaned back and just let him stroke me for awhile. His hands were strong and the feeling was awesome.

I hopped up at one point and pushed him back and said I wanted to get a better look at his, and could I pull it? Sure, he said, and he lay back with his head and shoulders propped up enough to watch.

I knelt between his legs and stroked it gently, running my thumb up and down the underside of it. I looked up at him and he was smiling, quietly. I said I wanted to get a closer look and I really got in close. I used my right hand to stretch up, and my left hand to pull down on his balls, which were bigger and longer than mine (though mine were cool enough!). I was stroking it just in front of my face, inches away, and tickled the flap of skin with my thumb. I caressed the top side with my fingers and felt the part of the shaft where it leaned forward, but I didn't ask him about it. I was stroking gently, and then I looked up at Caleb, and he smiled down at me.

There I was, naked as a jay bird, with this slightly older, very black, country black boy laying in front of me. I was on my knees, with my ass up in the air, resting my forearms on his thighs, looking at him as I stroked his amazingly beautiful dick. It was just a breath away from my mouth. My lips opened and puckered out a little, involuntarily, and my breath started to caress it as my hands stroked. Then my hands stroked in a way that was slightly more of a gentle pull, and his hips shifted just a tiny bit forward.

I was definitely pulling it towards my mouth now, all pretense gone, but I didn't make the final leap from mutual jerker to full blown dick taster. My mouth opened a little wider and my tongue seemed to pulse and quiver just inside my bottom lip, as I pulled it and pulled it, slowly, and got closer and closer, a fraction of an inch at a time, mouth widening a little more and a little more...........

Then the underside of the head caught the bottom of my lip and pulled it a little. That was it, and there was no turning back. His dick had touched my mouth and that was that. We were now in a very different place. It was an electric moment.

Understand at this point that, even though I had sucked lots of my friends and neighbors and relatives, and they had sucked me just as much, there was always a moment when each of their dicks was at that moment of crossing my lips for the first time, and that moment was always special. That's why I've never been into anonymous sex. It just can't have that same moment, that special connection. Now I was at that special point with a dick like I'd never seen, and it was extra special.

We were still looking at each other, then I broke our gaze and let my tongue fall out of my mouth a little. My fingers tips pulled his rod slowly towards my open mouth, and my hand stretched down just a little, making the head tauter, and I lowered my head just a tiny bit and let my tongue just roll out and land just under the head. I licked up, slowly, feeling the rippled skin. He let out a little moan and shifted his hips forward even more. I took the end in my mouth, pushing it in with my fingertips. It was amazing. I lowered my head, slowly, and then drew it back up, slowly, my lips now fully around it and making a full suction. He let out another moan that was a little breathier and higher pitched, a little staccato. I slid my face and mouth back down on it, feeling the place where it bent cross my lips on its way in, and felt the bend again on its way back out. I want down again slowly, and felt the tip at the back of my throat, but I didn't try to go further, and I didn't choke. That's just as far as it would go, and no one complained! Then I let just the whole head fill my mouth, and swirled my tongue around to get a real feel for the shape of it. I loved it. Tasted the same, smelled the same, felt the same, just different! Really different!

I started to bob down, and then up, slowly, deliberately. His hips rolled just slightly with my movements. I really let my spit flow, and gave him a very wet sucking. His hands went to the back of my neck and head, not pulling me, just feeling and caressing my hair and skin and ears and head.

With my friends, when it came time to come, we just clamped on and kept sucking, and let the come come on, and swallowed while never slowing down from our blow jobs. Its just the way we did it, and it made for comes right out of this world. With Caleb, though, I really wanted to see what his jizz looked like, so when I felt him getting ready to come, I did something that I'd never done before, at least never when someone was coming. I hooked my thumb and index finger into a circle and bobbed up and down with that and my mouth. He bucked and shot a furiously squirty load into my mouth, and I let it burble out as I continued to bob up and down with mouth and hand, so that his dick and my thumb and finger were just covered in jizz. It looked so white on his incredibly dark dick. I sat back and watched as I squeezed more up and out of his rod. His body was still squirming in pleasure, and his dick kept oozing for a while.

Then I looked at him and smiled, and lowered my head again and took the goo covered head into my mouth. He smiled as I looked at him, and I lowered my mouth further down on his half hard rod, and wiggled my mouth and jaws so that the whole thing worked its way into my mouth, and just left it there for a minute. His jizz just sort of dissolved into my spit and my mouth, and I swallowed several times. He let out quiet moans of pleasure, and then I slurped my way back up and off, and he was all clean! Cool!, I exclaimed. Cool!, he answered back, even more enthusiastically.

Yes, I'd sucked dicks before, but I'd never done it like THAT before, and never in that size and color before. It was SO cool that I just started to laugh, and Cale did too.......................!

I collapsed next to Caleb, and we lay there, shoulder to shoulder for a few minutes, not saying much, just enjoying the reality of our situation.

My dick was three quarters hard, and Cale slipped his hand around it and squeezed. It immediately went back to fully hard, and Cale said he wanted to suck mine now, OK? Sure, he didn't have to ask!

He lay down the other way with his head on my thigh as I lay on my side, and he pulled my dick down at an angle and wasted no time popping it into his mouth. I could see the whole thing, and I was super excited seeing my tannish red dick slip in and out of very dark, very full lips. He slid down a little more and slurped me in, then let my dick slap out of his mouth and against my tummy while he sucked my balls. He pushed them into his mouth using his fingertips, but they were pretty tight because I hadn't come yet.

I looked at his balls at this point, and the angle we were laying was not that far from a sideways 69, so I angled myself a little further and took hold of his dick, also probably three quarters hard. His balls were very dark, but the place where his dick met his balls was like midnight. I had a little hair, but his was so completely different. I sucked his ball sack into my mouth over and over, almost chewing it. It was fascinating.

The whole time he was really polishing my knob. The thickness of his lips was just a little perk I hadn't ever considered. I rolled my hips a little while he grabbed my ass cheeks and really began to knead them while he bobbed his head up and down, or back and forth because we were really sideways!

I could feel my come coming on, slowly at first, but inevitable. Caleb felt it, too, and grabbed his dick with his right hand and started to jerk it furiously while I sucked it. It was pretty god damned intense. The top of his hand, along the back of his thumb, was practically knocking me silly. We were both straining and bucking and panting and groaning and making almost animal noises, and I came like an atom bomb.

Caleb stopped jerking his dick so intensely and focused on draining me dry and letting my come come on full steam, then he rolled me over onto my stomach and sat up, straddling my body just below my butt, and continued to jerk himself, while massaging my butt with his free hand. Then he switched hands, jerking with the other and kneading my other cheek. His kneading was pushing my cheeks up and apart, exposing my asshole, and I could feel the head of his dick and his hand pumping just at the crack, pumping fast.

He jerked his body as he came, and fell forward with his hand landing next to my shoulder for support. He came all along the crack of my ass, and pretty forcefully slammed his dick up and down and up and down the length of my crack, smearing his come all up and down it, his hand still pumping, pumping his rock hard johnson. He didn't try to push it in, which was a good thing, but it was rough in a way that I hadn't felt before. Since his manner wasn't rough or mean. I thought the whole thing was crazy cool, and as he collapsed on my back we both laughed again, and lay that way together for a while.

As I said, we were buck naked, except for my watch, which I glanced at and realized that my mom wasn't supposed to arrive soon, she was actually overdue! We got up and got dressed, wrestling a little and laughing, then went out to take care of the horses.

We could play again at my place in a few days........ 2002-2015. All rights reserved.
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