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One thing about us as we are both gay,
Is what we may do given our chance to play.
It's nice to plan out what we might do in bed.
No lack of ideas, coming into my head!

I'll start by exploring to find which bits please,
But being a smoker, try hard not to wheeze.
I'll lick all your body, on top and underneath
And hope that no hairs get stuck in my teeth.

And if you're not warmed by the things that we do,
I'll suck some green chillies before starting on you.
Then I'll cover you in cream and lick off with due care,
Just hoping my dogs don't join in for their share.

We'll get out the lube and give sex toys a try,
Then spit on each other when the lube's going dry.
Then we'll hug and we'll cuddle and roll round in the sack.
You can pull what you like except muscles in your back.

Then time for an orgasm - highlight of the date,
Hopefully not too soon, nor exhaustingly late.
Then we'll lie and reflect how wonderful it's been
And hug by my washer, while it gets the sheets clean. 2002-2015. All rights reserved.
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